Mauritius climate and weather in September, October, November and December.


Mauritius weather from September to December

What is the best time to go? What is the temperature in this earthly paradise?

Here is everything you need to know in order to organise a tailor-made holiday and not be caught unprepared.

In this post we will take Plaisance and the seasonal period from September to December as our reference point

Climate in Plaisance from September to October

We are in the dry winter season and the temperature is around 25° in September, with a slight increase in October. It is not cold but it is still advisable to bring some heavier clothing, especially in the evenings, as the mercury drops a few degrees, even reaching peaks of 18°

Rain showers or thunderstorms rarely occur at this time of year; the sun remains the main protagonist, giving way to a clear and completely blue sky. For those who enjoy scuba diving or water sports, October is the most recommended month because the island is buffeted by trade winds that create perfect conditions for surfing and kitesurfing.

The sea waters are not exactly warm, especially in September, because the temperature is around 23°, while in October it rises by a few degrees.

Climate in Plaisance from November to December

In November, we officially enter the summer season characterised by heat, humidity and rain. Temperatures begin to rise, reaching peaks of 28°, the air starts to feel slightly stifling due to the humidity. At the moment, rainfall is rare, in fact for those who want to plan a holiday at this time it is recommended because despite the fact that the island is in the path of cyclones, the period of maximum activity is January, February and March

There are 9 hours of sunshine in November and 8 in December. Those who want to dive into the crystal-clear waters can do so because the temperature starts to rise again, reaching 25° in November and 27° in December.

Compared to the weather in November, December is warmer but also wetter. Temperatures in the middle of the day reach up to 30°, but the air is breathable thanks to the trade winds.

During the first 10 days of December, one can enjoy the warmth and fine weather, but from the middle of the month the first rains begin to appear, especially in the afternoon or evening

Average tempsSetOctNovDec
Min (°C)18192022
Max (°C)25262829

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