Beijing climate and weather in May, June, July and August.


Beijing weather from May to August

What is the weather like in Beijing from May until August? Is it pleasant or not? Is it possible to organise a nice holiday with friends and enjoy a few days in total relaxation and tranquillity?

The capital of China is as popular with tourists as Berlin or Rome. This city with its vast amount of architectural monuments is an excellent tourist destination

Before you leave, however, you should bear in mind that the climate in this city is continental with very cold winters and hot, sultry and rainy summers, this condition leads to an increase in humidity that can sometimes be very stifling.

Here we detail the climate from May to August in Beijing and when you should plan a holiday.

Climate in Beijing from May to June

The weather conditions at this time of year begin to improve. Instead of the freezing cold, one begins to enjoy a mild and pleasant climate. In May, the maximum temperature is around 26°, while in June it reaches peaks of up to 30°

In addition to the heat, it is the humidity that makes the environment stifling

Towards the middle of June, the summer monsoon arrives and the rains are very heavy, not to mention the humidity as the rate is very high.

There can even be whole weeks without a drop of water falling, but the days are very hot and stifling. To escape the grip of the heat, one could go to the Bohai Sea Coast, where, thanks to the breezes, one can breathe in some air.

Beijing weather from July to August

It is very hot in both July and August. At this time of year, the mercury rises to as high as 35°, and due to the perceived humidity, it can even exceed 40°C. Rainfall is very heavy due to the monsoon, although it must be said that in recent years it has become irregular and depending on the year the disturbances can be more or less intense.

Sunshine hours decrease in these two months compared to June, in fact there are about 7 hours of sunshine. The sea waters are not exactly warm, but for those who want to cool their limbs, it is possible to dive into the Bohai Sea in both July and August.

When to go to Beijing?

As you can also see, the best time to go is May because the heat is not yet stifling and sultry and you can go on many excursions as the city boasts many attractions. From mid-June onwards it is not recommended because the summer monsoon arrives.

Average tempsMagJunJulAug
Min (°C)14 19 22 21
Max (°C)26303130

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