Bali weather and climate in January, February, March and April


Climate in Bali from January to April

Bali, one of Indonesia’s most famous and renowned islands, is characterised by a tropical climate. This means that it is hot all year round, although there are certain periods, especially from November to March, when the rains are the main event, while a dry climate takes over from April until October

Here the humidity rate is quite high, especially when the rains come, the air becomes almost suffocating

Let us see in detail what the temperatures are from January to April and what is the best time to stay in this earthly paradise.

Climate in Bali from January to February

Bali is affected by the Cyclone season, although it must be said that it is very difficult for it to be directly affected, but certainly, rain and strong gusts of wind do not spare it. In fact, over the course of these two months, the sun shines for a very short time and then gives way to clouds laden with substantial and abundant rain.

As for the temperatures, they are very high, peaks of 31° are recorded, although with the humidity one can feel a much higher temperature.

For bathing, the waters are very warm all year round. For surfers, it is convenient to move to the western part of the Bukit peninsula, as there are quite high waves.

Climate in Bali from March to April

In March there are still rains, while in April they occur infrequently, although it should be noted that over the years there have been minor climatic variations and sometimes the rains have lasted into April.

What about the weather? During these two months it is very hot and the temperatures are quite high. The air becomes more breathable from the second half of April

The hours of sunshine are 7 in March and 8 in April, fine weather begins to appear and gradually we reach the dry season where temperatures begin to be more bearable.

When to go to Bali?

Definitely avoid the first three months of the year, because the risk of tropical cyclones is very high and among other things the very high humidity rate makes the air unbreathable, those who are not used to it would certainly not find this situation pleasant.

The recommended month is April.

Average tempsJanFebTueApr
Min (°C)23232323
Max (°C)31313131

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