Albania climate and weather in May, June, July and August.


Are you planning a holiday in Albania during the summer months? Would you like to know what kind of weather you will find in Tirana in June? Are you going on a business trip and would like to find out what temperatures to expect?

Here is our detailed guide to help you get an idea of the weather you will find in Albania.

Albania’s climate in May and June

During the months of May and June, the weather in Albania enters the summer period decisively. As early as May, in fact, it is possible to catch great hours of sunshine on Albanian beaches, thunderstorms permitting, although one has to wait until the first days of June to find waters warm enough to attempt the first swims. In fact, sea temperatures in May are around an average of 18 degrees, while in June they already rise above 20. Rainfall in these months on the coast is often stormy and remains fairly frequent. In the inland areas, on the other hand, the climate, which is more continental, remains slightly cooler but with less rainfall.

July and August Climate in Albania

In July and August Albania, like the entire Mediterranean belt, is in the middle of summer. Rainfall is now much less frequent, although some thunderstorms can still occur, and quite violently. The average temperature in Tirana at this time of year is a high of over 30 degrees, with days peaking at over 40. The heat at this time of year, especially in the hinterland, can be very sultry, and the sea waters are very warm. A bit like in southern Italy, it can be difficult to find shelter from the strong heat during this period.

Average temps May June July August
Tirana M G L A
Min (°C) 12 15 17 17
Max (°C) 22 27 31 32

Now that you have an idea of the weather conditions you will find in Albania during the summer months of the year, we invite you to also read about the weather for the following months by clicking on the links below.

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