Albania climate and weather in January, February, March and April.


Are you planning a holiday in Albania? Would you like to know what kind of weather you will find in Tirana? What temperature will the sea be in Durres? Or what to pack for your week’s holiday in Ksamil?

No problem, thanks to our month-by-month guide to Albania’s climate you’ll know in advance what temperature you’ll find and whether there will be many rainy days!

In Albania, the climate is continental inland and Mediterranean on the coast, with rainy winters and warm, sunny summers.

Albania’s climate in January and February

Albania’s climate, at least on the coast, is quite reminiscent of that of the coastal cities of central Italy. January and February are quite cold, with temperatures, speaking of the capital Tirana, averaging a minimum of around 2 to 3 degrees and a maximum of 12 to 13. Rainfall at this time of year is quite widespread and cloudy days can also follow one another for days. It rarely snows in the Albanian capital in winter as the temperature does not often fall below 2 degrees, although snowfall has been recorded from time to time, especially in recent years. In the interior and mountainous areas, on the other hand, with lower climatic averages, it happens often.

Climate in March and April in Albania

In March and April the situation starts to improve in terms of average temperatures. The minimums rise by a few degrees and the maximums reach an average of 13 degrees in March and as many as 18 in April, although especially towards the end of the month it is not uncommon to find sunny days with temperatures of over 25 degrees. The waters of the Mediterranean, however, remain cold in April until at least the beginning of June, so it is hard to think of some first swims. Rainfall in this period remains quite persistent, raining about 1 day out of 3, although the intensity begins to lessen compared to January and February.

Average temps January February March December
Tirana S O N D
Min (°C) 2 2 3 7
Max (°C) 11 12 13 18

Now that you have an idea of the weather conditions you will find in Albania in the first few months of the year, we invite you to also read about the weather in the following months by clicking on the links below.

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